Protection against dorm pranks

Dorm pranks is a big part of the overall "college experience". They may be really fun, but only when they don't happen to you. So, what can I do to avoid such "wonderful surprises" as a mouse in your bed while you are sleeping or your clothes stolen when you are taking a shower? There are several easy tips that cannot fully protect you, but at least can make pranks pretty difficult.

1. Be in good relations with you roommate. This person can be most dangerous enemy because of direct excess to your room, all of your clothes, books and other stuff. There are endless stories about important textbooks missing just a day before the exam.

2. Doors - keep them closed when you are sleeping or not in your room. It is too easy to do something disgusting and immediately disappear when the door is open.

3. Put an alarm on the door. Some of them are really cheap. They can be motion activated and notify you when somebody tries to enter your room.

4. If something feels strange - stop and change your plans. If you were offered food and people start smiling, don't eat. Say that you are not hungry, don't like pepperoni on pizza, etc. Make your enemies disappointed.

5. Don't trust pretty new friends from your social networks. Especially if they ask you about your pet's name or a maiden name of your mom. Surprisingly this can compromise your passwords and make you lose access to your e-mail or even have your money stolen.

6. Always logout when you a leaving your computer. You really don't want have Pentagon site hacked from your account.

7. Be careful in bathroom and shower. It's a popular place for all kind of dirty tricks. Don't leave your stuff unprotected and don't sit anywhere without prior looking.

8. If something unpleasant happened. For example, somebody completely rearranged your room while you were absent, or you open your closet and it is full of some nasty stuff, the good idea is to pretend that you have not noticed anything. Your enemies will be waiting for your screams. If they don't hear them, they may come just to check what went wrong. This way you can find out who was the person and plan your revenge accordingly.