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University of Washington
University of Washington is located in State Washington with main campus in Seattle and smaller campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. It's largest northwestern US university on oldest public university on west coast. It has the best School of Medicine and Nursing Schools in the country. UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Pharmacy School, Graduate Program in Social Work and Library and Information School are in top 5. The international rank of the University of Washington is 16.
Course Year Rating Review
lander hall 2011 Triple is small, but if you have good roommates, its fine.
lander hall 2010 good for social life
lander hall 2015 No air conditioning and heat does not go to high
lander hall 2011 Lander is pretty nice. It's easy to meet people, and it's convenient to have 1101 downstairs. Bathrooms aren't that crowded and there's a guys and girls one on each floor (some dorms have one single gender bathroom on each floor so some people have to go up or down a floor). Rooms are livable but still pretty small. I live in a triple and it's not terrible, but there is NO extra space in here.
lander hall 2009 All freshman was kinda fun
lander hall 2008 At first everyone in our dorm felt that they were cheated out of something by having an all freshman dorm. After the first month however we all realized that we were in the most social dorm on campus. The floor layout is most conducive to meeting new people. If you have a triple, it's pretty cramped, but double occupant rooms are nice. Overall it's by far the best freshman experience on campus
lander hall 2010 lots of freshmen
lander hall 2009 Noisy, but fun
lander hall 2009 small rooms, bad food
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